Eric Bauman Net Worth and salary: Eric Bauman is an American businessman and entrepreneur who has a net worth of $10 million dollars. Eric Bauman is the founder of the popular website eBaum’s World that was based out of Rochester, New York. He created the website, which was launched in 2001, and owned it alongside his father, Neil, until they sold it to ZVUE Corporation for more than $17 million dollars, including stock, in 2008. Within six months, Bauman claimed he had been fired by ZVUE Corporation along with his original staff members. He also accused the new owners of continuing to use his likeness in order to make it appear that he was still affiliated with the website. eBaum’s World has generated quite a bit of controversy since its inception, most notably for allegedly taking and rebranding content from other sites in order to make it appear unique. Bauman has been accused of infringing on copyrights by dozens of individuals and businesses, including Viacom, Something Awful, and Before the sale, the website was set to inspire a new TV show with USA and Fox that quickly became embroiled in controversy. Later, G4 TV’s “Web Soup” teamed up with the site to create the third season of “This Week in FAIL”.