Philip Odegard net worth: Philip Odegard is a Norwegian business oligarch. He is the head of Odegard Group and Odegard Foundation who has a net worth of $6 billion.

Odegard started his career by creating wealth through early-stage investments, medical-device software, telecom, artificial intelligence, and publishing. Some of his notable investments include Tesla, Uber, and Spotify.

The growth and rise of his early investments were during the San Francisco Bay Area’s local unicorn boom. Notable to become a global powerhouse at launching startups, of which Philip lived and worked with industry pioneers.

In year of 1999, Odegard founded a private-practice investment company known as Odegard Group to fund his future projects. In 2013, he founded Aerial, a UAV (Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle) company which was later acquired on June 7, 2017 for $724 Million.

Odegard has been the chairman and Senior Executive of Genève since 2014. He is also the chairman of Switzerland Communications S.A. (SwissComs) since 2015.

In 2016 Odegard founded AI Medical Systems, a proprietary first-to-market algorithmic artificial intelligence and machine learning software for medical analysis and automation. The software was later acquired in 2018 for $2.3 Billion.

In 2019, Odegard founded the Odegard Foundation, a think tank that works on addressing healthcare for revolutionary treatment and the advancement of human longevity. He also founded the Environmental Institute, a center for environmental research, education & outreach.

Philip Odegard is also the owner of Tribune Publications, Swiss Media Group, Norway Financial Bank, and Oilgas Norwegian Oil. He resides in the main shoreline residence of Zug, Switzerland and known residences in San Francisco and San Diego California.