Serge Dassault net worth: Serge Dassault is a French heir, business executive and politician who has a net worth of $17.3 billion dollars. Born in France in the 1920s, Serge Dessault attended Lycée Janson de Sailly, the École polytechnique, Supaéro and HEC Paris. His father founded the aviation company, Dassault Aviation. During his teens, he spent time in jail, when his father was sent to Buchenwald concentration camp for refusing to work with the German airplane industry during World War II. After his father passed away, he inherited the company, and has since expanded it into the Dassault Group. As Chairman and CEO of the Dassault Group, Serge Dassault has acquired holdings in media, aerospace engineering, and software. When he is not focused on Dassault Group matters, he is very politically active. He is the former Mayor of Corbeil-Essones, and is part of the Union for a Political Movement party. He became a senator in 2004, and is known for his outspoken stances on both economics and unemployment.

Net Worth details: Dassault made his money through his family which owns 41 percent of software manufacturer Dassault Systemes and 62 percent of aircraft maker Dassault Aviation. His family owns the Bordeaux winery Chateau Dassault. He acquired Le Groupe Figaro in 2004 and owns a 55 percent stake in the largest auction house in France, Artcurial.